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My Clients

My clients are curious, they don't settle for "regular" and "normal" and are keen to break the boundaries. I like capturing the story that you find beneath the surface, therefore my work begins with getting to know the person or the organization that I'm working with. In order to receive the best outcomes, my clients comprehend that the way is important and takes time, and that the first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily the right direction. Only with this kind of connection between creator and the client it will be possible to touch people's heart and conscious.
I work with a variety of people and business owners: personal trainers, sport organizations, artists and creators, companies that are searching to make a change in their appearance, families and couples wanting to make their next event unique, and of course with private people with big ideas who want to see them come to visual life.

The strong bond

between emotion

and interest

These days, anyone can be a visual creator, but not every content that is created has the potential of gaining engagements. Most of the viewers will be scrolling over and won’t have any true interest in the content, and the few that stopped will forget about it once they keep scrolling.


In this instant world that we live in, the visual force of the things we publish is more important and critical than ever.


Catching the eye

When we scroll down an infinity of contents online, only the truly interesting things will actually make us stop and watch them. when the content makes us feel something - bad or good, we will probably continue to watch.


Rhythm is what it’s all about

The rhythm of our content and the path that leads our viewer to our bottom line has to be captivating, this way our viewer will continue with us from the start to the very end.


Final message

Our call to action at the end of our content is what delivers a sweet, sour or bittersweet memory to our viewers, and make them interested in continuing and engaging in your contents.

Have an idea and not sure how to continue with it? 

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